Since we went live January 1st, 2019

Our mission

Our mission is to enable every Jew to easily perform the mitzvah of tzedaka every single day, and to disperse those funds to deserving Jewish non-profit organizations around the world on a daily basis.

Daily Giving

Just as Jews pray every day and make blessings before eating, and say Shema before falling asleep at night, giving charity should also be performed regularly – each and every day. Daily Giving makes that goal – that mitzvah – easy and attainable. Many of us have been taught from a very young age to put something in the Tzedaka box for the poor every day. Jewish children across the world do this mitzvah each and every morning with zeal and excitement. Daily Giving is determined to bring back the joy that giving just a little can bring to one's soul. When you donate daily, your small donation will be combined with thousands of others and given each day to a deserving charity.

What can a dollar do?

Sometimes, in the massive world of Jewish philanthropy, it can become challenging to feel that your charity is making a significant difference. Now it can! By giving only a dollar a day, an amount that most can afford, you will be contributing together alongside thousands of others. These combined efforts and dollars will reach further and impact more Jews than most of us can ever hope to reach on our own. Your one dollar a day will be multiplied exponentially by the power of unity. With approximately 14.5 million Jews in the world today, if only 1% gave a dollar a day, that would mean well over 50 million dollars in charitable funds will be distributed to our list of worthy causes every year!

How it Works?

Choose a recurring donation amount ($1/day, $2/day, $5/day, etc), and decide whether you want to be charged once a month or once a year. Due to the credit card transaction fees, it would not be prudent to charge your credit card daily. Daily Giving Inc. will be your messenger and distribute your dollar on a daily basis whether you are charged monthly or annually. You will receive a daily email informing you of which organization you helped support that day. Example: Today, your dollar was one of $17,411 sent to help support Camp HASC.

Who are we supporting?

List of beneficiary organizations