About us

How it all started

Just as drips of water over millennia can carve out caves and canyons, one small mitzvah multiplied several times over can move mountains as well.

That’s the belief of Dr. Jonathan Donath, a chiropractor in White Plains, New York, who got an epiphany in 2018 while dropping a dollar bill into the tzedakah box at his shul. “No matter how much money I give to charity, I still get a mitzvah every time I drop a dollar in,” he thought. “How can I guarantee that I do this mitzvah every day for a buck?”

He looked for an organization that was doing this and couldn’t find one. So, he and a couple of his friends had a website built and created a nonprofit: dailygiving.org.

At Daily Giving, we firmly believe in the extraordinary power of small acts of generosity to bring about positive change. We are a platform that promotes a simple yet impactful concept: giving at least $1 every day of the year.

Dr. Jonathan Donath, a full-time chiropractor in White Plains, NY, founded Daily Giving in 2019. Since its inception, Daily Giving has achieved remarkable milestones by harnessing the collective power of Daily Givers— making significant differences in the lives of countless individuals and families around the globe.

Our Team

Dr. Jonathan Donath



Yisrael Abisror

Vice President


Arieh Friedner

Chief Operating Officer


Moshe Teitelbaum

Chief Financial Officer


Shaul Hen

Chief Technology Officer


Haviva Tirschwell

Community Happiness coordinator


Chana Stell

Communications Manager


Cyna Reisman

Community Manager


Rabbinical Council


Rabbi Hershel Schachter • Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff • Rabbi Paysach Krohn • Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg

Board Of Governors


Sammy Friedland • Elliot Gibber • Bentzion Heitner • Amir Jaffa • Michael Katz • Shlomo Ressler • Gary Torgow • Sol Werdiger


How much of my money goes to the actual charities?

One hundred percent! Our operations and marketing budgets are covered by a private group of donors so that our Daily Givers’ full donations help fund a different beneficiary each and every day.

Can I give more than $1 each day?

Of course! Most people give $1 a day, but many give additional daily dollars for family members, loved ones who are sick, or for those who have passed away. Please view our most popular dollar amounts per day here.

How often will I be charged?

You can choose to have your account charged either monthly or yearly. We do not charge your account every day, since this would lead to extra processing fees. We then distribute a portion of your gift every day until the next recurring charge.

Can I give more than $1 each day?

Of course! Currently $1 a day is the lowest amount we can take. Most people give $1 a day, but many give $1 a day for additional family members or even on behalf of someone who is sick or for those who are no longer with us.

Can I join if I live outside of the United States?
We can accept donations from anywhere in the world, although we can only share a US tax receipt. Stay tuned for news on tax deduction status in other countries.
Can I dedicate my donation in memory or honor of someone or an event?
Yes, you can! When you sign up, you are prompted with an opportunity to dedicate your tzedaka. If your donation is a gift for a loved one, you can request that you both receive our daily emails as a reminder of your gift to them. We can also write an email on your behalf informing them of your donation.
How do I receive a Tax-deductible Receipt?

Tax receipts are sent to the email on your account after every donation you make. As a Daily Giver, you can access your receipts in your donor portal at any time.

Can I send a check?
If you would prefer to send a check, we’ve got you covered. Checks can be made out to Daily Giving Inc and can be sent to:

PO Box 217
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Please include your name, address, phone, and email so that we can update our system with your information and send you our daily emails.

How do I make changes to my account?

You can adjust your Daily Giving credit card and subscription information by visiting your donor portal. Additionally, you can send an email to hello@dailygiving.org or call us at (743) B-A-GIVER.

Can I change from Monthly to Annually or vice versa after I already signed up to be a donor?

Yes, we would be happy to make those changes for you. You can reach out to us using the contact page on our website.

How can I get my organization to become a beneficiary of Daily Giving?

Our application will soon be open for non-profits to apply for funding. To get on the notification list, click here