Magen Lacholeh is a non-profit medical support organization established in 1991 by Rabbi Benjamin Fisher. Magen Lacholeh’s mission is to provide access to top quality medical care in Israel and around the globe. Some of the main goals of the organization include diagnosing illnesses earlier, increasing the chances of successful treatment, minimizing expensive medical bills, and reducing dependency on the state. Since 1991, over a million people have turned to Magen Lacholeh for help. No one is charged a single dollar for the services they receive.

By providing an extensive set of services, Magen Lacholeh ensures that all people, regardless of race, gender, and ethnicity, get the help that they need. Magen Lecholeh’s network of doctors and health professionals stretches worldwide, ensuring that everyone has access to the best and fastest medical care possible.

Magen Lacholeh has been recognized as an invaluable asset by authorities such as the Government of Israel, the President of Israel, the Mayor of Jerusalem and both Chief Rabbis, as well as the Consulate Generals of the United States of America