Shlavim builds the spirit and potential of religious children and youth in Israel who come from lower income families. With programs all over Israel, Shlavim helps children take responsibility and develop leadership skills for school and employment.

Shlavim was started in 2006 to bridge gaps in students’ and families’ lives and to ensure their brighter future. Each of the programs in Shlavim caters to a different gap, and they include:

  • Maavarim: Through the Maavarim program, trained coordinators all over the country maintain a close connection with boys who are at risk of dropping out of high school.
  • Sefer: The Sefer program gives teachers tools and resources to effectively teach children from disadvantaged homes. Teachers are taught differentiated learning and other techniques so they are better equipped to reach every child in need in their large classroom.
  • Netiva: Every year, 2,000 girls graduate high school and work at low-paying jobs in environments that are not ideal for religious young women. Netiva prepares them to get proper educational training so that they can earn higher salaries and work at respectable professions.