Meet Shoshana, an inspiring Chai Lifeline Warrior.

Shoshana’s cancer diagnosis at the age of 14 has never stopped her from enjoying life and staying determined. 

Shoshana was diagnosed with cancer in 2019. After completing a year of treatment, she attended her first Chai Lifeline program. It was at this gathering where she found solace and formed profound connections with two fellow girls who were also battling cancer. 

Since then, Shoshana’s summers have been filled with joy and camaraderie as she eagerly joined Camp Simcha, a medically supervised summer camp designed to empower hundreds of children with cancer and other blood disorders.

“While you may feel isolated during your treatment or when you first get diagnosed, when you come to camp, you realize that everyone went through the same thing,” Shoshana said. “Even if you have a different diagnosis or different treatment, you all have the same feelings.”

Shoshana cuts the ribbon at Tour De Simcha 2022, an all-women cycling event benefiting Chai Lifeline.

What is Chai Lifeline?

Through over two dozen year-round programs and services, Chai Lifeline shows up for children like Shoshana, her family, siblings, and community. 

First, Chai Lifeline pairs each child with a case manager who provides ongoing support to them and their family. 

According to each family’s needs, Chai Lifeline provides crucial insurance advocacy, counseling resources, at-home medical support, mentorship programs, nourishing hospital food, recreational trips, and more — all to help equip Shoshana and her peers with the bravery and resilience needed to continue their valiant fight against pediatric illness.

Looking Up and Toward the Future

Despite the many challenges that Shoshana experienced during her medical journey, her experience over the years has taught her that determination can make any goal achievable. Now a young woman at 18 years old, Shoshana believes she was always helped through emunah (faith) in Hashem. 

Shoshana’s dream is to become a nurse so that she can one day be on the giving end, after experiencing quality care on the receiving end. 

“I think it is so nice to be on the giving end after you’ve been receiving for a very long time,” Shoshana said. 

Daily Givers Make a Difference. 

Since Chai Lifeline became a beneficiary in 2019, Daily Givers have given a total of approximately $165,000 to Chai Lifeline.

Chai Lifeline was one of the first beneficiaries to receive Daily Giving funding. Consistent donations, like in the case of Daily Givers, are able to boost and support Chai Lifeline’s many life-changing programs, including Camp Simcha.

Shoshana shared how “giving to organizations like Chai Lifeline helps people like me and so many other children who need each other and year-round support.”  

From the moment of diagnosis, Chai Lifeline’s professionals and trained, compassionate volunteers step in to help bring joy and hope into the lives of children and families devastated by illness and crises. 

Chai Lifeline is there for Shoshana and so many other children worldwide, around the clock. Daily Givers are able to help make that a possibility and priority.

Chai Lifeline is an organization that meets the social, emotional, and practical needs of children, families, and communities impacted by illness, trauma, or loss. For more information, visit
or call 212-465-1300.